“After 30 years of depression and suicidal thoughts, one session with Chloe changed my life completely. I have had no recurrence of suicidal thoughts. I continued to work with Chloe every month for over a year eliminating a host of health issues. She’s very easy to talk to. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Chloe.” Aashna

“An ongoing “women’s problem”. that orthodox medicine could neither diagnose nor treat, brought me to Chloe. Within a couple of months she has completely cured me. I have found her empathetic and so easy to talk to. Thank you Chloe.” M.G.

“I was experiencing digestive problems that caused me to feel lower abdominal pain and bloating. Before going to see a GP and likely being prescribed drugs, I sought a natural solution. Over a few weeks Chloe helped re-balance the bacteria in my gut which got rid of the bloating and abdominal pain. She is extremely kind and takes a keen interest in her clients all while following-up to ensure everything is on track. I would highly recommend her to friends and colleagues.” Kristyna

“Chloe was recommended to me by a client who had really turned a corner in her life during her homeopathic care. I was having hormonal problems as well as battling with a deep seated phobia. Both of these issues were impacting on my everyday life and I had high hopes for this approach as conventional routes of support had not had a positive effect. In the first few months of starting sessions with Chloe my hormonal problems were completely rectified. I couldn’t believe that a remedy could make such a profound change to both the mind and body. Chloe really works hard to understand you as a whole and not just a symptom. This makes both her practical advice and remedies really tailored to your specific needs. We are still working together to strip back the layers that will free me of my phobia, and although this area is taking longer to treat, I am much more able to cope with the triggers and feel more positive than ever.
I would highly recommend Chloe to anyone seeking homeopathic treatment.” N.D.

“When I reached out to Chloe I wasn’t in a great place; I had a ridiculously painful and irregular cycle, I was pretty burnt out and I knew I hadn’t been doing my body any favours for a pretty long time. I hadn’t experienced homeopathy before but I was keen to begin to balance my body and my GPs best advice was to take the pill, I was no expert but I was pretty sure that adding synthetic hormones to the party was not the answer. Over a period 6 months Chloe guided me through a process of detoxification and rebalancing. The end results of which were a regular and manageable cycle, a decrease in cycle related mood swings (for which my boyfriend will be eternally grateful) , I was more grounded, I had processed more of emotional stuff and I was far more in tune with my body. Whether you are a newbie to homeopathy or a seasoned regular I highly recommend talking to Chloe about whatever is going on for you, she is exceptionally kind, warm and knowledgeable.” Louise

“I had been struggling with a persistent cold, recurring mouth ulcers, severe digestive issues (that GP’s and private health care had not been able to overcome) and general exhaustion for just over a year when I first came to Chloe. From my first appointment she was incredibly personable and a great listener. She had the ability to dissect our conversations to bring together many different areas of my daily life and past matters into one fluid link which really helped my understanding of what was happening to my body and gave me the power to take charge of myself. Chloe prescribed some different remedies throughout my time with her, each which complemented the previous and my current state at that time. Following about 2-3 months my digestive issues had completely disappeared, cold almost completely gone, zero ulcers and I felt a lot more energised. One of the invaluable benefits I found from seeing Chloe was that she was able to make me aware of my body and how it can respond to areas of my personal life and lifestyle which will stay with me forever. I feel so much more in control of my own self now and empowered to make personal lifestyle and dietary changes that I had wanted to make for a long time but never had the motivation to. Our appointments have been invaluable to me and whilst I hope there is not the need to see each other in the future I would not hesitate to go back to her or recommend her to anyone should the
situation suit.” Leah

“I started having homeopathy sessions with Chloe at a time of my life when I was really down in the dumps. I was experiencing constantly recurring visions, suicidal thoughts, and in general just felt very depressed. I was also suffering from a lot of inner heaviness which, although not necessarily medically diagnosable, certainly existed and was weighing me down. From my first meeting with Chloe to the last I found her to be sympathetic and a good listener. Chloe really pays attention to the detail of what you’re saying and helps you connect dots you otherwise wouldn’t have had. Within a month of starting homeopathy I began to feel much better. The inner heaviness started to go, and my motivation improved a great deal as well. Within 3 months the visions completely went, the inner heaviness disappeared and I felt right back on track. My conversations with Chloe revealed things to me about myself I never realised before, and she was always reliable and professional. Homeopathy attempts to understand both the physical and psychological situation of the individual person and prescribe based on a combination of those, in my opinion with great success!” Chris

“I was experiencing a very low period which was a combination of feeling very depressed and desperate. I visited my GP who was not very sympathetic and I had various blood tests done all which came back to say I was fit and healthy. I started seeing a therapist which I did not find helpful and if anything caused me more stress as I found the whole process uncomfortable and expensive. At the recommendation of a friend to try a homeopath instead of returning to my GP,  I came across Chloe’s website.  From my very first correspondence with Chloe, I found her to be extremely sympathetic, compassionate, understanding, encouraging and patient. She listens attentively and offers me practical advice and steers me in new ways of thinking about my circumstances. During this time my mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away shortly after. Chloe was instrumental in helping me cope with a very traumatic experience and the grief that followed. I continue to see Chloe on a regular basis and consider her an important part of my self-care.” Paula

“By mid last year I had burnt myself out, my way of coping for many years was just not to stop. With a combination of things in my life everything just felt upside down and I could no longer cope and was struggling to hold it together. I started seeing Chloe and and she really took the time to get to know what things were affecting my present and from the past. She prescribed some remedies for me and within only a few week I felt and noticed the difference. For the first time in my  life I feel balanced and in control and can move forward in my life in a positive way.” Marney

“I first started seeing Chloe when I was going through a very stressful time and I felt constantly run down with colds and stomach bugs. Her unique treatment meant she seemed to pin point exactly what was causing the problem and was able to give me a remedy, helping me to see that the stress I was experiencing was manifesting itself in physical symptoms in my body. After a couple of weeks I was able to see major improvements in my symptoms and also other things that I hadn’t gone to her about in the first place! I feel that Homeopathy has really treated me as a whole person and helped bring me back into balance in every aspect of my life. I have also taken my daughter to see Chloe and she prescribed her some remedies which were fantastic, especially when she was going through a painful teething stage!” Hannah

“Chloe was always very nice and easy to talk to. Conversation would flow naturally and with Chloe’s guidance would often reveal things I never previously knew about myself, things that would help in my understanding and moving forward. Together with the remedies Chloe gave me, I found that I was gradually beginning to move out of a crippling lack of motivation in life I had been suffering from for the last few years. As I began to once again have interests I could see my life finally moving forwards again. I will always be grateful to Chloe for literally changing the direction my life was going in, for the much, much better!” Michael