Life Coach & Mindfulness Teacher

I’m a Wellness Coach, Mindfulness teacher, Life Coach, ACT practitioner (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – an evidence-based model for changing human behaviour)  & NLP practitioner and have been working in the healthcare industry for 15 years. I help my clients with a wide range of concerns, working mostly with:

  • Increasing confidence and self-compassion
  • Managing stress and overwhelm
  • Clarifying what is most important to you (values) enabling heart-led action, decisions and goals
  • Helping with personal development

I use a range of approaches and tools including mindfulness, ACT and coaching techniques to enable my clients to be the best version of themselves and to live a full enriched life. For this to happen we work on:

  • Managing unhelpful thoughts/feelings
  • Managing feelings of fear
  • Managing feelings of overwhelm
  • Clarifying where you are stuck and how you want to live your life and how we can make that happen (motivating values and clear, achievable goals)
  • Educating around how unhelpful thoughts/feelings impact behaviour (usually resulting in avoidant behaviour)

I’m a great believer in a holistic, flexible and bespoke approach that is client-led and geared towards what you as the client need at that specific time.

If you would like to find out more about how we can work together, please get in touch to book your free 30-minute call.

Coaching Options:

‘Pay as you Go’ appointments:
60 minutes – £100.00
90 minutes – £150.00

Package of 6 appointments of 60 minutes (to be taken either weekly or fortnightly):