Life Coach

I’m not your typical coach; I don’t have a set way of working with people or a standardised first appointment of filling out forms about your goals, strengths, weaknesses, applying techniques etc. Coming from a holistic background, I look at each person as an individual and work with them for what they need at that time.

To me, there is nothing more powerful than intuition – the true connection to your authentic self. When connected you know what is right for you, even if you don’t have it all worked out, you live in the present and follow your journey trusting you are where you’re meant to be in your life at that moment. Can you get anything more powerful than that?

My role is to be beside you on your journey to uncovering your truth, discovering your innate wisdom and connecting with your true inner self.

“Look deep inside your soul; this is where you will find the answer” Sydney banks, The Missing Link

If you would like to find out more about how we can work together, please get in touch to book your free 30-minute call.

Coaching Options:

‘Pay as you Go’ appointments:
60 minutes – £80.00
90 minutes – £120.00

Half day Intensive (4 hours) – £320.00

Package of 4 appointments of 60 minutes (to be taken either weekly or fortnightly):

“Wisdom is an innate intelligence everyone possesses deep within their souls, before the contamination of the outer world of creation” Sydney Banks