Life Coach

I’m not your typical coach; I don’t believe in anything scripted, I like to work with every person as an individual helping them with what they need at that time. To me, coaching sessions are organic, have a natural flow with clients feeling relaxed, comfortable and open to the magic that can come from being connected to yourself, living your life in line with your values and being the most authentic self you can be.

Life is a rollercoaster, full of ups, downs and twists and turns you weren’t even expecting, coaching can be useful in any area of life; career, family, relationships, lifestyle and can be helpful in clarifying situations/indecision/feeling stuck and confused as to which way to turn and much more!

To me, there is nothing more powerful than intuition – the true connection to your authentic self. When connected you know what is right for you, even if you don’t have it all worked out, you live in the present and follow your journey trusting you are where you’re meant to be in your life at that moment.

My role is to be beside you on your journey to uncovering your truth, discovering your innate wisdom and connecting with your true inner self.

I saw Chloe for a number of coaching sessions when I found myself depressed in my job. I’d been working long hours over a sustained period in a role that didn’t suit me and was working with people who I didn’t get on with. I felt under-appreciated and pretty low. Chloe listened to the challenges I was facing in a non-judgemental and calm manner. She helped guide my thinking in terms of how I could approach leaving an organisation that I’d worked at for a long time. Chloe didn’t tell me what to do, instead she asked me open ended questions that ultimately helped re-connect with my inner voice, resulting in re-building my confidence, which led me to feel equipped to move forward. I highly recommend Chloe as a life coach and over the years have found myself having ad-hoc sessions with her when I’ve felt they’ve been needed. J.G.

If you would like to find out more about how we can work together, please get in touch to book your free 30-minute call.

Coaching Options:

‘Pay as you Go’ appointments:
60 minutes – £80.00
90 minutes – £120.00

Half day Intensive (4 hours) – £320.00

Package of 4 appointments of 60 minutes (to be taken either weekly or fortnightly):

“Look deep inside your soul; this is where you will find the answer” Sydney banks, The Missing Link