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How to Manage Anticipatory Anxiety

How to Manage Anticipatory Anxiety


Anticipatory anxiety can seem like a scary and rather serious label, however it is
familiar to all of us. Ever panicked about an upcoming event, exam or job interview? If the answer is yes, then you have experienced anticipatory anxiety.

A little bit of anxiety can be a good thing, it generally helps keep us focused on what tasks need to be completed and can improve performance. However if you find
yourself focused on fear and ‘what if’ scenarios playing out in your head for everything that can go wrong, this is when anticipatory anxiety can become debilitating.

I have put together some tips to help manage anticipatory anxiety:

1. Live in the now
Anticipatory anxiety occurs when thinking about an event or situation in the future. As much as we may want, we cannot foresee the future or completely control our
environment. If we live in the now, the future (or the past) does not exist and neither does anticipatory anxiety!
Book Tip – try reading ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle, it’s a good ‘dip in and out’ type book, especially useful before bed!

2. Meditation
Linked with living in the now, meditation can help ground you into the present
moment. In addition, meditation helps you focus on your breath, which immediately calms you down. Once you feel calm and in the present, your anxiety levels will greatly reduce.

3. Imagination
Try thinking about positive outcomes and being optimistic about the future. We all think about the future to some extent, so why not make it a happy one?

4. Improving self-esteem and confidence
By feeling more confident, you feel more sure of yourself and your capabilities, in turn this has an effect on how you feel you can cope with uncertainty. A lot of anticipatory anxiety comes from not knowing what lies ahead, however if you know in yourself you will cope with whatever it is, suddenly things do not appear so scary.
Take a look at my blog for more information on how to boost your self-esteem and confidence.

5. Homeopathic Remedies
There are remedies that can help calm you down in the moment, here are a few:

Argentum Nitricum – a remedy for someone in a hysterical state and trembling with nerves. People who require this remedy believe they will fail and can be found crying, thinking all hope is lost. They are hurried, impatient and speak very quickly in a
disjointed manner. They crave fresh air and can often suffer with diarrhea as a result of their nervousness.

Gelsemium – this a good remedy for people who dread exams and new situations. There is a lot of anticipation, apprehension and fear of losing control. Weakness and exhaustion are marked with the eyelids feeling heavy. This is also a good remedy for the flu.

Lycopodium – the cause of anticipatory anxiety for people needing this remedy is around their fear of failure. They lack self-confidence and have an aversion to trying new things. They may appear confident with a lot of ‘bravado’ in an effort to mask their insecurities. There may be history of being criticized a lot whilst growing up. This is a great remedy to take before having to speak publicly.

These remedies will help in the moment eg. Before an interview/exam/event, however to address anticipatory anxiety in the long term, it is best to have a full consultation with your healthcare practitioner.

Did you know?
The same chemical physiological processes occur in the body when you are either
nervous or excited; it is only our thoughts that make us respond differently!

I would love to hear of any other effective ways you have used to manage anticipatory anxiety.

If you would like to explore how I can help with anticipatory anxiety please contact me.

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