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Just Be Yourself – Part 3, Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is using your imagination to get what you want in life. The great thing is that we do this already; we just need to do it in a more conscious way.


Find somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed. Try some deep breathing
exercises to assist relaxation, you may find music helps you with this.

Use your imagination to create a clear image, idea or feeling that you would like to manifest into reality. It can be about anything, for example a new job, relationship or a new home. Continue to focus on this image or feeling, giving it positive energy until it becomes reality.

Of course, you need to have some sort of realism when thinking about what you want, however this exercise is about using your imagination – it is supposed to be fun and creative! For example, visualizing winning the lottery may not be that realistic (on the other hand who knows?), however visualizing a career where you are respected/able to use your creativity/have an increased salary or whatever is important to you may be a little more genuine.

Creative visualization is essentially about creating your own virtual reality. It really is as simple as that!

Remember like positive affirmations, creative visualization is about visualizing you are already in your dream job/house etc. Not wishing you have these things but that you already do!


You should try to visualize on a daily basis if not more. As often as you can – the more you visualize the more effective this will be.


1. Get more of what you want
2. It can help to ‘rewire’ your subconscious mind (positive affirmations also help)
3. Promotes relaxation
4. Increases focus
5. Promotes inspiration

You can build upon your positive affirmations (see my blog Just be Yourself – Part 2, Positive Affirmations) and say these after your creative visualization.

Until next time happy visualizing!