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Just Be Yourself – Part 2, Positive Affirmations

This post introduces the concept of positive affirmations as a step towards how to feel better about yourself.

Positive affirmations are simply statements that are repeated and describe how we want to be. The theory is that through enough repetition, these statements will sink into our subconscious mind and eventually like a self-fulfilling prophecy turn into our reality.

Our thoughts create our experience, so if we are having negative thoughts (for most of us 90% of the time), we are actually performing negative affirmations and securing those negative self-beliefs (eg. I’m a failure, It’s my fault). Every word we speak is an
affirmation. We need to break the cycle of negativity and instead choose uplifting,
nurturing and supportive thoughts, until it becomes an automatic process.

Essentially, positive affirmations help us to trick our brain and eventually rewire the way we think, which in turn affects our reality and experiences. Positive affirmations can help to change our negative behaviours and/or accomplish our goals.

How to make Positive Affirmations work for you

Firstly, there are 4 things to remember when using positive affirmations:

1. Affirmations need to be in the present tense and positive
2. The power of affirmations lie in the repetition
3. Always ensure your affirmations are about you (eg. Use ‘I’, ‘My’)
4. You need to want the change to happen

Choosing your affirmations:

Step 1
Make a list of negative thoughts / behaviours that you find yourself thinking on a
regular basis, do not dwell on this too much. You may begin to see a pattern (eg. low self-esteem). Take this as your starting point. Alternatively you may know exactly what thoughts affect you or what goals you are trying to accomplish.

Step 2
Write an affirmation on the positive element of your theme (eg. I believe in, trust and have confidence in myself). Remember the affirmation needs to be positive and in the present tense.

How to make your affirmations effective:

The key here is repetition.
You will find your own way as to what works for you. I would advise to write your
positive affirmations in a journal/diary each morning and night as well as repeating them out loud (you want the positive thoughts to be the first things you think of when you wake up and the last before sleep).
You may find that meditating on your affirmations or saying them whilst looking in the mirror to be very powerful.

Here are some examples to get you going:

Opportunities and advantages come with each door that I open
I am successful
I am making positive choices in my life
I accept myself as I am

If you are looking for affirmations to help your physical ailments, I highly recommend the book – ‘Heal your Body’ by Louise Hay. Louise gives the mental causes for physical illness and the positive affirmation to match.

Until next time…happy thinking!