April 25, 2014 0 Comments General

Just Be Yourself – Part 1

Recently South Korea has come under the spotlight as a hub for cosmetic surgery,
especially for girls and young women. Some of these girls are under 16 years old. The results are so radical, some have to obtain a new ID to prove who they are following surgery.

Although an extreme example, this got me thinking about how difficult it is for the
majority of us to love ourselves exactly as we are. There is so much pressure whether it is from the media, peers, job expectations and even our family to look and / or act in a certain way. When did it become so hard to just be ourselves? We seem to spend our lives trying to be who other people think we should be.

I think all of us at some point have felt the need to change to please others. We did so hoping that if others loved us, were proud of us or thought we were beautiful this would translate into how we feel about ourselves. Unfortunately it is not this simple, the change needs to come from within. It is not that we need to change who we are; we need only change the way we think about and view ourselves.

Fear is a common factor in stopping people being themselves. Fear that others may not approve, fear that people will not love or like us if we show them our true self
instead of what we think they want to see. You will be surprised as to what changes can occur in your life when you start being true to yourself.

The first steps are to feel comfortable with yourself and who you are. Next, the
negative thoughts that we are all guilty of attaching too much significance can then be replaced by positive and helpful thinking. Homeopathy can be a great help to facilitate your journey into making these changes.

Next week I will start to talk about the steps you can take to start the process of
feeling better about yourself through Positive Affirmations, Creative Visualisation and Mirror Work.

Until next time…just be yourself!