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Simple Ways to Improve your Focus

Simple Ways to Improve Your Focus



We have all experienced a lack of focus becoming easily distracted (staring into space, looking out the window, idly internet surfing) and finding any other task more
attractive than the one required of us.

Similarly, there are periods of time when we lack motivation and will power to get on with what we need to do, either at work or in our general everyday lives.

Sound familiar?

There can be many reasons for struggling to focus; some include nerves, anxiety or
apprehension, low mood or a case of too many thoughts fighting for attention at once.

This is normal and happens to all of us. In fact I experienced a lack of focus at the
beginning of the week, it was my inspiration to write this blog post and share with you some simple ways to improve your focus that worked for me:

1. Tidy environment = Tidy mind
This may seem obvious, however look around you – is your desk/home tidy? For some this may come naturally, whereas to others (like me) we need to work at it! If you are struggling to focus at work, tidy your desk, if focusing in general is a problem, try a ‘spring clean’ and a bit of a declutter (a few trips to the charity shop), you’ll be
surprised at the results!

2. Exercise
Don’t worry I’m not suggesting a regular intensive spin class (unless that’s your thing), I really mean just give yourself a break and if possible some fresh air. Exercise does not always have to be a cardio intensive workout, just going for a walk or going to a yoga class can help clear your head. On the other hand if you need to feel the burn go for that run– you will find what works best for you!

3. Food & Chamomile Tea
You will struggle to focus if your blood sugars are low. The best advice I can give is to eat breakfast, set yourself up for the day, and give yourself the energy you need. Make sure you have snacks to keep your blood sugars regulated throughout the day. For
example, fruit (bananas and berries are great), hummus & carrots, rice cakes (I
especially like the ones with chocolate on one side, Kallo do really nice organic ones). A cup of Chamomile tea can also help calm you down, which can lead to better focus and

4. Meditation
Research has shown that meditation helps improve concentration, attention and the ability to focus. I would recommend the Headspace app, which gives you 10 days of free guided meditations meant for beginners.

5. Homeopathic Remedies
Homeopathy can really help improve focus. I would advise that a full consultation is necessary as remedy selection is dependent on the individual and the reasons causing lack of focus. A couple of remedies that I have found useful with previous clients:

Oak – provides courage and self-belief. Restores creativity. Helps people to see what the next step is, move forward and make a fresh start. Helpful for those that ‘live’ in their head with constant thoughts creating unhelpful thinking patterns. Useful for stressed, adrenalin driven people. Tension is a significant physical symptom especially felt in the shoulders, lower back and diaphragm. A very ‘grounding’ remedy.

Gelsemium – especially useful where there is apprehension and anticipatory anxiety before an event, new job or examination. Helps to create calm and allow the person to focus and have a clear head for the event ahead. Also a popular flu remedy where most marked symptoms are weakness, lack of energy and headaches beginning at the back of the head.

If you would like to explore how I can help improve your focus, contact me!

I would love to hear ways that help to improve your focus and what has worked for you.

Until next time

Best wishes

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