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How to Work More Effectively

How to Work More Effectively


We have all experienced stressful periods at work. We find it harder to concentrate or focus, there are too many tasks, not enough time and a general feeling of being
overwhelmed. Sometimes on a practical level there is simply too much work, other times is a case of not working at your optimum ability with a likely contributing factor of not knowing how to manage stress effectively.

I have put together a few tips to help you work more effectively.

 1. Communication

Communication is key to working effectively. If you feel your workload is too much, you need to delegate some tasks or simply some of your deadlines are not workable, it is important to communicate with your manager or colleagues. Your manager is there to support, plus if you do not keep them updated, your work may be of poorer quality due to stress and rushing or may not get done in time – in other words they will find out!

It is better to communicate your position and approach with a solution in mind, show that you have thought about the problem and are not just looking to your manager to make things better.

 2. Fresh air

If you are feeling stressed, you will not be able to achieve your best work. Go outside for 5 minutes and walk around a bit, you will be surprised what a difference fresh air and a short break can make. You will feel more focused and calm, enabling you to work more effectively.

3. Herbal teas

Often having a herbal tea whilst at your desk can help.

I would recommend:

Chamomile tea if feeling pent up and in need of calming down.

Lemon and ginger tea if you need a bit of a lift and to revitalize (particularly useful for the after lunch slump).

 4. Breathing techniques

If you find it particularly difficult to calm down and feel constantly jittery, try some breathing techniques. The calmer you are, the more effective you will be at work. The more you practice these breathing techniques, each time you will find you are able to achieve relaxation more quickly.

 5. Daily reflection time

It can be helpful to diarise 15 minutes at the end of every working day to reflect. You can think about what went well and what you feel you could improve on. It provides clarity and helps you understand what areas you need to focus upon – a good set up for the next working day!

I would love to hear of any other suggestions that you have found useful to work more effectively.

If you would like to explore how I can help, please get in touch.

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