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Homeopathic Remedies to Help Sunburn and Heat Exhaustion

We’ve all done it; missed a patch of skin when applying sun lotion, spent too much time in the water or completely miscalculated how hot it actually is. This can result in
sunburn or heat exhaustion or if your unlucky a mixture of both.

While we are all busy packing for our holidays or getting ready to enjoy the heatwave, don’t forget to take these very useful homeopathic solutions to help relieve the
discomfort too much sun can bring and to help the skin recover quicker from sunburn.

Sunburn remedies

Belladonna: very red skin that feels hot and may be throbbing. May be accompanied by heat exhaustion/sunstroke.

Apis: burning and stinging sensation. Skin will be puffy with a feeling of drowsiness and irritability. Apis is also good for insect bites.

Cantharis: major remedy for any type of burn. Painful burning with possible itching. Burn feels better with cold applications. Cantharis can help with prevention of

Urtica Urens: Intense burning or stinging pain. Indicated in skin that is blistering, sore, raw and painfully itchy, which is why it is also a good remedy to think of for hives.

As soon as possible apply a cool compress, which is preferable to ice packs that can damage skin and nerve endings. You can soak the compress in Homeopathic Mother Tincture (can be purchased from a homeopathic pharmacy) for added benefit. Dilute one part tincture in ten parts sterile water. A spray bottle can also be a helpful way to apply diluted tinctures.

Aloe Vera gel: A tried and true burn reliever; it should be applied to unbroken skin.
Hypericum tincture: Relieves pain on sunburn and unbroken blisters.
Calendula tincture: Helps prevent infection and blisters.
Urtica Urens tincture: Soothes the sting of the burn.

Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion can be caused by lying in the sun for too long, exertion for a long time in a hot climate and the loss of fluid through sweating. Through this the electrolyte balance is disturbed which can lead to fatigue, changes in body temperature, muscular weakness which results in feeling faint.

Make sure the person affected lies down and drinks water or if possible some form of rehydration drink (sports drink/Dioralyte or something salty to restore electrolyte balance).

China: useful where there is trembling, debility and a feeling of being drained from the sun. China is a great ‘fluid loss’ remedy, so is also useful in cases of diarrhoea.

Gelsemium: characterized by drowsiness, feeling of being light headed and unable to think properly. Eyelids droop giving a drunken appearance. Great exhaustion – also a good flu remedy.

Pulsatilla: affected by the heat easily, either the sun or from a hot room. Weak and light headed. The most important association with Pulsatilla is their emotional state. Likely to be needy, tearful and dependent. Will need looking after.

For sunburn and heat exhaustion, take a dose by mouth in 30c potency every 2-4 hours, as needed, but for no longer than 2 days.
Always seek medical attention if in doubt. Sunburn can lead to heat exhaustion or


It is important to understand that sunstroke or heatstroke is more serious. Symptoms include a fever state with an alarmingly high temperature, dehydration, rapid
breathing and increasing delirium.
Do not hesitate to take this person to hospital to seek medical help.
The main remedy is Belladonna – redness of face, headache, throbbing arteries in the neck and glassy eyes. Give in 200c potency.